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Training & Education

Jugna Shah is a dynamic educator, skilled at effectively conveying complex information. She conducts specialized presentations and trainings on a range of coding, billing, coverage, reimbursement, and compliance topics. Popular seminars include the OPPS Rule annual changes and hospital drug administration services (injections/infusions). She frequently contributes to leading industry conferences and publications on inpatient and outpatient coding, billing, and coverage issues.


Nimitt helps providers and other stakeholders stay abreast of the changing regulatory environment in both Federal guidance and front-line changes to coding, billing and coverage implementation. Jugna Shah is a frequent speaker on Medicare payment systems and case-mix development efforts. She is a popular speaker and presents webinars, audio-conferences, and conferences sponsored by Nimitt as well as local and national organizations such as AHIMA, Audio Educator, HCPro, HFMA, Ingenix, and PCSI. She is also on the faculty of PCSI’s annual Case-Mix School for Newcomers held each June.

Tailored Trainings

Nimitt provides in-depth and highly focused training on a variety of topics in order to address our client’s specific needs and situations. Our educational programs range from two to eight hours in length, depending on need, and can be provided either on-site or remotely via conference call or web-based meeting. Our customized educational materials use clinical scenarios that are specifically tailored to the client’s needs and training goals. We present the content using interactive training techniques that engage participants and ensure that they learn, and retain, the information. Our education programs ensure that staff can improve and sustain internal processes over the long-term.


Nimitt helps to increase industry awareness of critical coding, billing, and reimbursement issues through publications on key health care regulatory issues. Jugna Shah is a co-creator and contributor to several leading publications on OPPS/APCs, including HCPRO’s APC Answer Letter, APC Weekly Monitor, and Briefings on APCs. Her bi-monthly “OPPS Advisor” column for Briefings on APCs highlights important issues for the provider community. She is the author of several books on OPPS implementation and reimbursement practices, including OPPS Drug Administration Strategies: Your Comprehensive Guide to Accurate Coding, Billing and Charging, and The Drug Revenue Toolkit.

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