Amy Rinkle

Senior Consultant - Policy & Reimbursement

Amy applies her analytic and strategic skills to synthesize and communicate coding, billing, and reimbursement policy to Nimitt’s industry and provider clients—with a particular focus on novel cell and gene therapies.

Before joining Nimitt in 2017, Amy worked in purchasing and a data support specialist for a large independent audiobook publisher. She also served as a business development manager for a tech start-up. In these roles, Amy specialized in process flow documentation and optimizations. Amy thrives on applying her analytic and operational skillset to improve implementation of policy changes, expand productivity, reduce errors, and help novel therapies succeed in the coding and billing arenas at launch.

First Loves:

  • Analyzing reimbursement policy changes in Medicare’s myriad payment systems
  • Using provider claims data to understand Medicare policies’ impact
  • The quirks of coding and billing for novel cell and gene therapies

Points of Pride:

  • Data analysis and FY 2021 comments helped move the needle on CAR-T reimbursement
  • Personal library of 2,500 volumes and counting
  • Resident Nimitt Excel expert