Charlee Roberts, MPH

Executive Assistant

Charlee provides high-level internal support to Nimitt’s leadership and team members, ensuring they have maximal ongoing capacity to provide top-notch technical assistance and consultation to our clients.

Charlee comes to Nimitt with 15 years of public health administration experience including an MPH from Johns Hopkins. She excels at designing and implementing efficiency-focused systems for project implementation and operational management. Charlee is dedicated to keeping up with the latest advancements in health care systems; innovative medical treatments; and associated reimbursement and payment models, systems, and policy.

First Loves

  • Being the go-to, behind-the-scenes task whiz
  • Finding action and a way forward amidst the seemingly impossible
  • Building strong relationships

Points of Pride

  • Mom of four amazing children and a huge Bernese Mountain dog
  • Sending it on a mountain bike or running a river with family
  • Soon to be certified yoga instructor