Claire White, MSN, RN

Health Policy and Patient Access Specialist

Claire brings comprehensive and wide-ranging knowledge of cell and gene therapy provider and patient access operations to Nimitt’s industry and provider clients.

Claire works on policy research, supporting provider-client operations, and addressing access challenges created by the rapid evolution of novel cell and gene therapies (CGT). She is a deeply experienced clinical and policy expert in this field, and has worked in the front-lines of Oncology and Cell Therapy for well over a decade at a large pediatric institution. Claire applies her expertise to conduct policy research and design operational practices that address the myriad access challenges in delivering ground-breaking CGT therapies. Claire is passionate about fostering system change to promote sustainable and equitable access to these innovative therapies—particularly for children and young adults.

First Loves:

  • Advocacy for access to CGT clinical trials
  • Studying past CMS decisions to inform effective future pathways
  • Using Medicaid policy to bridge gaps between CMS, providers, and manufacturers

Points of Pride

  • Rarely spotted without a warm cup of coffee and a notebook nearby
  • Mentoring junior colleagues to tackle systemic CGT access and health equity issues
  • Self-declared master meatball maker and lover of all things cooking