Kristen Muncy, MHA

Senior Consultant - Provider Strategy

Kristen leverages her extensive background and exceptional problem-solving skills to help clients reduce provider burden, optimize reimbursement from all payers, and expand patient access in a sustainable way.

Before joining Nimitt, Kristen gained wide-ranging, transplant-specific, experience at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) in revenue cycle, provider operations, and managed care contracting. As a Lead Contract Manager, she successfully negotiated for the entire VUMC system, contracting with several governmental payers, and for all transplant programs, contracting with all payers. Her unique and comprehensive perspective helps clients take their programs to the next level, ensure patient access, and generate optimal and compliant reimbursement. Kristen is a strong believer of the “no margin, no mission” philosophy, and thrives on investigating, diagnosing, and identifying opportunities to improve providers’ bottom lines.

First Loves:

  • “Winning” a negotiation with a payer
  • Finding providers more money
  • Translating clinical innovation to provider reimbursement

Points of Pride:

  • Travel planning prodigy—whether it be 50-mile hikes in Canada or magical Disney experiences without waiting in lines (yes, it’s possible)
  • Was Ambassador Baby and a March of Dimes Board Member in the same year
  • Able to completely disappear into the Sarah Maas book universe