Rachel Oxenden, eMPA, LLB

Associate Consultant - Strategy & Communication

Rachel supports Nimitt with research, communications, educational offerings, reviewing regulations, operational strategies to enhance internal processes, and information management.

Before joining Nimitt, Rachel worked as a UK-qualified lawyer, special projects lead, and Vice President of a FTSE 150 company. She has led high-stakes projects in areas as diverse as legal education, ethics and compliance, government grants, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), and leadership/team development. An adept problem-solver, Rachel applies her knowledge, natural curiosity and organizational skills to help Nimitt’s team members deliver exceptional services to our clients.

First Loves:

  • Going down the research rabbit hole and getting to the bottom of things
  • Organizing and simplifying complex information
  • Making knowledge accessible and engaging (I’ve got an analogy for almost anything!)

Points of Pride

  • Dedicated Board member, senior executive, and advisor for 2 humanitarian charities
  • Twice-awarded Person of the Year at the global department level
  • British expat adept at forming a perfect queue for London’s delectable curries