Valerie A. Rinkle, MPA, CHRI

Principal Consultant

Valerie brings extensive experience in and knowledge of hospital revenue cycle and finance operations and CMS payment methodologies for hospital and other services, including professional and laboratory services.

Valerie has held positions with the federal government agencies with responsibility/oversight for Medicare and Medicaid as well as reimbursement and revenue cycle leadership positions for health systems.  This background helps Nimitt’s clients to establish processes that help ensure optimal financial performance. She thrives on imparting the knowledge with a heavy dose of know-how to help clients survive and thrive in the challenging health care financing environment.

First Loves

  • Explaining how HIPAA and CMS requirements impact hospital billing, coding, and payment and how to make hospital processes more efficient and effective for patient access to needed services.
  • Helping clients figure out solutions based on a strong understanding of CMS requirements
  • Predicting how CMS rules and regulations will influence and impact the health care marketplace and ecosystem.

Points of Pride

  • “Walking encyclopedia” of CMS regulations and reimbursement/policy change history
  • Will win any Jeopardy category on hospital operations and regulations.
  • Dedicated non-profit leader bringing needed services to her community