The COVID-19 pandemic is a public health emergency that poses enormous challenges for our healthcare system.

Information is vital to managing this emergency. Rapid and thorough data collection on COVID-19 cases is vital for scientists, researchers, public health officials, decision-makers, as well as the general public.

Nimitt Consulting, Inc. has prepared a white paper outlining how hospital data can be leveraged to acquire critically important information about COVID-19.

In the white paper, our team presents steps that could be taken immediately to collect real-time data on COVID-19 cases, treatments, and outcomes, while the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and other maintenance organizations work to amend claims values, code sets, and guidance to ensure valid and consistent reporting of needed claims data elements. Our hope is that this paper propels a broader stakeholder discussion that results in rapid data collection and sharing. We invite others to use and build off of our ideas.

This paper was updated to reflect feedback and additional changes on 5/29/2020.

We welcome your feedback and are interested in your thoughts about the types of data that can be leveraged in the COVID-19 fight.
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